You and Your business is Top Notch in my book!!! If later I need more knives made I’m definitely
sending all my work your way! I hope that whoever needs knives made and finds your link takes
the time to read testimonials because I have but one thing to say to them:
Thanks Tim for everything –B.H.

As always GREAT service...do something bad so I can complain! R.L.

Those knives are fantastic, you truly are an exceptional vendor to work with.  I cannot wait to find
more reasons to work with you. J.W.

Just a note that we received the knives in good order. I have been doing cabinet work with my
dad for the most part of my adult life.  Custom millwork is an area that I have been toying with
getting into for several years.  My shop got hit in 2005 with Rita and flooded 2008 with Ike.  So,
now that everything is back together, maybe I can do some work besides repairs!  Knowing
what resources are out there now, I will be doing ,hopefully, more business with you. B.M.

Just wanted to let you know that I received my knives today and they quality is spectacular. I have
officially ran my first piece of molding and it turned out better than expected. Thanks so much,
and you have a new customer. If you have a catalog or something with all of your profiles I would
be interested in looking at them. D.G.

Thanks, so much.  Yes, after reading your recommendation, I lowered the roller adjustment on
the in-feed end and so far is working great!  Obviously, it wasn't low enough to hold the stock
from jumping around.  I got 5 - 10' lengths done and stopped to empty the dust collector barrel
and wanted to report to you.  Thanks, again; let me know if I can ever return the favor or give you
a reference.  Have a nice weekend (what's left of it). B.O.

Tim...i was outta town last week on an installation and was not able to give my new knives that
you made for me a test drive.  well, i could not wait to get into the shop today and try em out.  
man, they worked great!  what used to take me 2 passes on the table saw to cut the panel
groove and at least 2 passes on the router to make the inside profile...i was able to achieve
superior results in 2 runs thru the Williams & Hussey!
I really appreciate your attention to detail and getting me what i needed!
Will purchase again. P.B.

I've put the knives into service and am happy with the way they cut and with the smoothness of
the finish surface.  I'm getting exactly the result I was hoping for.  Thanks for the nice and quick
work.  M.R.

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the last set of knives you fabricated for me.  
You are a pleasure to work with and I appreciate your patience and professionalism.  The knives
work great and the customer was happy with the trim I produced for him.
Please feel free to use this correspondence to your advantage in any way you see fit. K.M.

I just wanted to let you know that we received the knives today (they look fantastic! The
machining and finish appears to be top-notch).  Doing business with you has been a pleasure
the entire way, with great customer service and rapid shipping.  We will definitely give you a call
if/when we need more knives (we may have some custom profiles on a job in a few months).  
Again, we really appreciate your excellent service and look forward to future business with you!

Good to hear you have that client base built up for steady work.  It doesn't surprise me though:
the quick, quality, knowledgeable, responsive service you provide has a value that people
recognize. M.J.

Received my knives today. They look great! Dang, that was fast. I appreciate that. Thanks! M.G.

Tim, thanks so much for the fast shipment and quick turn-around last week on our knives.  
We’ve been enjoying the results.  They are working great! T.G.

I had to write to let you know that I just ran some molding through my new Shop Fox W1812
planer molder with the knives you made. I can’t tell you how happy I am. The moldings are
flawless.  Its been a few months since I got the knives from you but the problem was finding one
of the Shop Fox planer molders. They are back ordered from everyone but I found a company in
Orlando, Fla. that bought a large number of them when they first came out. Let me tell you that
variable speed feature is the only way to go. This planer molder I would recommend to anyone. I
will be in touch with some other profiles I will be needing.
Thanks so much for  your patience. G.B.

I just wanted to let you know that the recent knife you sent worked beautifully!  We certainly
appreciate your prompt, reliable service!  A.D.

I was able to run the knives you made this afternoon, they are great!
You did a wonderful job, I will definitely use your services again!
I have been a professional cabinetmaker for 30 years. I know quality workmanship. D.T.

Hey Tim, just wanted to let you know how fantastic all of these knives cut, my shop fox has never
cut such a smooth finish in one pass before, good knives really do make the difference. Keep up
the good work. I will be a repeat customer for sure. K.R.

Just wanted to let you know I received the knives and they were perfect.  I already made the
molding and there were absolutely no micro lines...as though it had been through a super fine
grit sander.  
Thanks for the great job. C.M.

I ran some crown in cherry today and it looked fantastic. C.H.

Knives look great. Thanks for the quick turnaround. H.T.

Got the crown molding knives and they look great as always. I really appreciate how carefully you
package the knives. There is never anything wrong with them when they arrive. R.F.

I received your molding knives today, I was shocked when I got home from work to see that they
had already arrived. The knives work beautifully, its nice to see that there are still some
craftsmen out there that take pride in there work. B.R.

Tim, got the cutters today and ran some off.......AWESOME!!!                                                     Thanks
for the great service and fast turnaround. R.L.

Received the custom cutters this afternoon. Great job, absolutely beautiful!! Will do business
with you again. Ed

The knives got here today and look great. I will recommend you on the forums when someone is
looking. G.D.

Keep making blades like this and you will truly be successful.
They arrived today and I may even run them tomorrow, maybe make a mirror frame or something
with them. There is no doubt that you will be doing any knives I may need.
Quality & Service, A fair price. What more can one ask for! G.K.

Got the knives  this pm.....thanks for the quick turnaround  AGAIN...
Ran a sample  and looks great....well was there a doubt....
Thanks for the awesome service... R.L.

I got the knives Thursday.  They are great!  You do really good work.  And thanks for getting them
done so fast.  I will be starting some of the milling this weekend.   I am sure they will work
perfectly.  R.F.

Got the crown knives today already!  That is a quick turn-around time!  They look great, and I can't
wait to use them...  M.J.

I sent you a set of knives last week so you may have received them, or will early next week. I'd
like to have them sharpened, please. I certainly wouldn't say they are "dull"
but, I ran 3600 lf of knotty alder and just want to get ready for the next run.
I don't joint my knives so a run like that is pretty good! No scorching or burning even at the end of
the run.
PS    By the way I just wanted to say that I use a digital scale to weigh my knives, gibs, weights
and I recall a variance of .oo5 oz in 1 knife of the 6 you sent in the first order. Can't you be more
exact than that?   LOL   Just kidding!!! GREAT JOB!! M.P.

Thanks for your quick response.  The guy for whom I work gets really stressed out by timing
because there often isn't a very big window he leaves to get this stuff done or the customer is
pushing for it.  So sorry if I seem a little insistent.  
By the way, the reeding knife was exactly what I was looking for, it indexed perfectly and
there was no distortion or misalignment over the full nine inches. C.H.

Tim,   wanted to let you know that the customer knives you built are excellent.     They are 100%  
compatible with the Shopfox  ( in case other clients ask)  and the results are  amazing...  given  
the depth of cut, need to obviously  run it thru several times but  the wood  needs  a couple
of strokes  with 220  paper and its ready for finishing.  First  piece was maple, going to try oak
next but anticipate the same results!
Once again,  thanks for an excellent job! R.A.

We milled out the cherry base profile you ground last week...good show...turned out quite nicely

So far I have tested the bead molding cutters in my machine and they work GREAT! Thanks.
So far I am pretty impressed with the JET and the blades make a nice surface finish.
These new moldings are really gonna make my house look nice.
I am also impressed with how quickly you were able to turn on my order.
Thanks again! M.G.

I just wanted to say thanks for getting my molding knives out to me so fast, my machine hasn't
even made it here yet but the knives arrived yesterday.  The craftsmanship is excellent, I can't
wait to run some stock through to see how well they perform. F.W.

Thanks  for the great service, we could turn the economy around  if business and employees
were as contentious as you. R.L.

I ran my radius stock today and couldn't be happier. Perfect match and they cut sweet.
I'll be in touch when I'm ready to order the casing knives. G.M.

Some eBay feedback from way back when we started the business:

I am very pleased with the sale; Tim is professionally and personally courteous.

Great to do business with, very happy again.

Great communication. Excellent packing; fast ship & QUALITY KNIVES !!

Nice work on Knives--------prompt shipment.

Great tooling and fast shipping.

Great knives as usual and fast shipping.

Great cutters, fast shipping.

Very nice, high quality W&H Molding knives. Thanks Tim.

Super fast shipping Great cutters at a great price.

Packaged well,Great w&h Knives,Fast shipping.

Great communications ,Great Knives ,Fast shipping.

Excellent Knives, Looking forward to doing business in the future.

I’ve never had such a fast, smooth transaction. Knives are perfect.
Comments From Customers: